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I conduct research on your markets, customers, competitors and business, filter the information using various analytical procedures and construct a working document to help navigate from where you are now to where you want to be. Click here to view the process I go through to construct a marketing plan.

Need some help in the sales department? whether you are a small business undertaking the the sales function yourself or are building a sales team, I’m sure my years of experience will help you maximise your return on investment in this area.

If you are looking for help on a specific marketing/advertising campaign I can really help!  What are your objectives? Who are you talking too? what do you want to say and how do you want them to react? Working with your budget we will evaluate the various communication tools available to work out the most effective way to achieve your campaign objectives.

Aha, the ever popular and hugely misused space of social media. This relatively free new way to engage with your communities offers fantastic communication opportunities especially over the medium to long term. I can help you look at social media from a more strategic position and train you to use this medium in a way that best suits your organisations requirements.

Now, i’m no designer but I recently learnt to use WordPress to build nice looking, functional websites which have a sound basic level of SEO (search engine optimisation). I built the site you are looking at now, so if you would like something similar for your organisation, campaign or cause we should have a chat.


In all honesty advertising and communication campaigns are my favourite projects to work on. I really enjoy the creative process of conjuring up a unique concept that inspires audiences to react and share their experiences. I can work on complete campaigns or help at the various stages such as;

  • Concept Generation
  • Campaign Planning
  • Media Buying

Check out my about page to learn more on my philosophy and approach to advertising

I love the guerrilla marketing approach because of it’s creativity and effectiveness in making people stop and take notice. It’s also perfect for use with today’s technology! As long as the concept is creative enough and evokes the desired emotions, people will want to share their experience with others via the worldwide web.  I think this approach is really worth consideration.


As with any advertising or marketing campaign, promoting an event starts with establishing objectives and understanding the core audiences. From there we can roll out a creative schedule of promotional activity best suited to our unique set of circumstances. I can help plan and deliver a whole campaign from start to finish or you can hire me to provide activities such as street branding including reverse graffiti and chalk advertising, guerrilla advertising, social media marketing and media planning.

Often events require some type of art installation to help with the marketing process or as a main attraction of the event itself. I have sourced and supplied a number art installations for these purposes. Take a look at my projects page for some examples


If you are looking for a particularly creative and arty theme to your campaign or event I can work with you to provide a complete arts based solution. I have provided the following arts based services in the past:

  • Brand Sculptures
  • Large Scale Event Installations
  • Artistic Branding Projects
  • Community Arts Projects
  • Art Workshops

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As a business you could be in a position that requires any one of my services depending on your situation at any given time. You have the option to hire me on a bespoke basis for specific projects or utilise me as your outsourced marketing guy. Here are a selection of activities I could help you with:

  • Marketing Plans (marketing strategy)
  • Marketing/Advertising Campaigns
  • WordPress Websites
  • Social Media Strategy and Training
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Planning and Consultation
  • Guerilla Advertising
  • Event Promotions
  • Event Branding
  • Management of Marketing Projects (such as design and web services)

As I already mentioned, I love working on projects which have a social benefit. In fact many of my marketing campaigns usually have a social or environmental theme to them. Here are the most popular services requested by Councils, Third Sector Organisations and Charities:

  • Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Campaign Website Creation
  • Event Branding
  • Event Promotions
  • Art Installations
  • Art Workshops
  • Community Art Projects
  • Street Branding
  • Guerilla Advertising
  • Social Media Training

I work with agencies on a freelance basis usually on one-off campaigns. I offer stand alone activities as stated below or you can hire me as a creative team member to really make your campaign sing!  Example of services which you may be looking for include:

  • Concept Generation
  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  • Street Branding
  • Brand Sculptures
  • Art Installations

Check out my about page to learn more on my approach to advertising.

Structure and creativity underpin my approach to any project.