My Type of Billboard, My Type of Advertising

My Type of Billboard, My Type of Advertising

Billboard advertising, do you..does anybody, really take any notice of them..? and if you do how long do you remember them for..? once you drive by and start thinking about the 1001 other things racing through your mind that day.

So, for a change I have picked out a few epic billboard advertisements that have been highly creative and summed up the way I like to see advertising done. These billboard adverts are highly creative, have a social benefit and are worth talking about. They’re a mini-campaign in themselves really, with the video production and the possible paid for viral distribution to help get things going. They tell a story and evoke emotions that for me have a significant impact.  Why do another normal billboard again I say!

HomePro – The Other Side Project

Sidewalk billboards have a short live in Thailand and are replaced every couple of weeks. The Government is responsible for removing and destroying the old billboards or often the locals will use them to build or fix their street shelters (homes). HomePro, one of the largest hardware and furniture stores in Thailand used this facet of society to contribute to a great campaign. They built billboards with one side advertising their regular message, but on the other side the boards were decorated with nice wallpaper designs and fixtures such as shelves, hangers, and lights. As soon as the ad campaign had ended, locals were free to take these signs to their home. I bet they couldn’t wait to get their hands on them!


Scribed – #ScribeBillboard

Mexican notebook brand Scribe wanted to re-connect with the public and in particularly the younger generation. To achieve this they constructed a small dwelling behind a plain white billboard situated in one of the busiest areas in Mexico City to act as a tiny artists residency. The first artist to occupy the Billboard housing was Cecilia Beaven. During her ten day residency Celia was to paint objects that were tweeted to her using the hashtag #ScribeBillboard. Lots of Mexicans started talking about what was happening and crowds started to gather, celebrities and other artists visited her and one of Latin America’s largest rock bands played a concert from the platform in front of the billboard. During the ten days, impacts on twitter went over 100 million, 12,000 drawings were requested, more than 65,000 users were logged at the same time for the live streaming and news organisations and blogs reported the story from across the globe.

Pretty good ha! So having a great concept that has synergy with your brand and using social media to great effect = Amazing advertising campaign! Check it out…

Other neat billboard adverts have included the one in the cover image to this blog post – a billboard in Peru that turns air into 100 litres of drinkable water every day. Europe’s first billboard powered by rain and sun from Ricoh, situated on the M4 on way to Heathrow airport and this quirky number below demonstrating the effectives of Orphea insecticide spray:

I understand the reason why larger companies use billboards as part of their integrated advertising strategy to bombard our senses with their sales messages. Everywhere we look (outdoors, newspapers, magazines, listen on radio etc) we are likely to see or hear a message from the likes of Vodaphone or Coca-Cola (the giants who can afford the media space proliferation approach). And, I also understand that billboards and other outdoor media can play an important part of a targeted local campaign. But does this approach really still add value for smaller organisations? Does it connect with their community or evoke the desired emotions with their target audiences? Does your average billboard way up against the ever increasing options we have to communicate our stories? Or is it just the easy, lazy way out..?

The Billboards highlighted in this post obviously take more time and effort to execute than your normal 48 sheets but the pay off in connections, virility and conversation is something your average signage hasn’t a hope in hell of generating.

Would love to hear your thoughts….