Do You Look before You Link..?

Do You Look before You Link..?

Hey, been a while since I last blogged (despite the good intentions). So here’s a quick one. You may want to call it a bit of a grumble or I like to say, an observation.  I was rummaging around LinkedIn earlier and scanning the usual postings from people about news and advice in their industry and I noticed that some people post a lot of links to 3rd party articles. So I have a few questions:

  1. Do the people who post all these links to articles actually read them all..?
  2. If they have read them, why don’t they put a little comment in the post..?
  3. Does it really annoy you when you waste time reading a lame article which someone has posted..?

It’s something I have been thinking about for a while, I’m sure some of these peeps must be up at the crack of dawn to read all the articles, carry out their normal professional and personal duties and try to have some kind of life engaging with real people in the real world.

I have sometimes followed a link that a business associate has posted on one of the social media sites and thought “really! Why did you bother to try and bring attention to yourself endorsing such a poor article”.  In marketing terms, they are creating negative brand associations to themselves and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be doing this intentionally!

I’ve done it myself in the past. I remember when I began using social media for professional purposes, I posted links to a few articles which I thought were going to be good but on reading them (after posting) I realised they were a bit rubbish so I soon learnt to look before I link.

As we have probably all realised by now, time is our most precious resource and deciding and implementing how to spend this worldly gift one of the most frustratingly difficult things to crack. We are all pushed for time, especially if we are not (like most of us) a superhuman specimen of business organisation personified, and, following a link to a poorly written and not very informative article must be a frustration for other people also??

So, the rules I have imposed on myself for posting 3rd party links are to:

  1. always read the article before linking
  2. always include a comment (where possible) about my thoughts on the article

Hopefully this will encourage people to read what I am sharing and to also help in not making me look like a doofus 😉

I’d love to hear your opinion on this subject whether you share my frustrations or not!?

Cheers for reading! Feel free to share in a post…haha 😀

Gar x