About thanks for checking me out

Hey, thanks for dropping by and wanting to find out more!  Hopefully I will cover a few of your curiosities on this page and the rest of the website but if not that’s great we can meet for a cuppa and start chatting about a potential project.

After graduating with a marketing degree in 2000 I have mainly worked for large media organisations within a sales & marketing capacity. That was great at the time but now I’m lucky enough to enjoy collaborating with a range of clients, working on creative solutions to help them engage with their communities. I say communities not audiences because its more of a 2-way process these days and then theres the communication amongst your community which of course is the one that matters the most! All we can really do is try our best to make sure they are telling the kinda stories we want them too.

More recently I set up and ran Altern8media which I would like to continue developing and now this is me with my freelance offering. Please read on to find out more about what I bring to the table when working on a project. Hope you like!

My Philosophy

Great communication is a powerful thing…It tells a story that captivates our imaginations and emotionally connects us to a brand or a cause and to others who share similar values.

There has never been a better time to communicate effectively with our communities, the range of methods on offer to achieve this are staggering and more dynamic than ever before. But it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to raise your head above the muffled voices in the ever growing crowds. If you truly want to connect with people in today’s society you must never underestimate the power of an idea to separate you from the noise!

With a great concept, authenticity and a well organised campaign we can infuse life and purpose into your message, reach people in ways that matter, ignite emotion and create excitement.

My Mission

To get inside your organisations being and to really understand where you are, where you want to be and who you want to connect with – the marketing bit

Transform this insight into a powerful story that connects with the communities you are seeking to influence in creative and meaningful ways – the advertising bit

To invoke passion and engagement within your communities through real life events which create stories worth sharing- the arty bit

To place your organisations culture and personality at the core of the communication process.

To deliver the results you are looking for through a fun and stimulating processes and to never stop learning.

Don’t just take my word for it

I have been lucky enough to work with some great people, organisations and artists.  Here is what a few of them have to say…

“We were recommended to approach Gareth to help us come up with something creative and very different for Wales Alternative Food Festival in Bridgend, and he delivered in the form of a 10 foot giant cauliflower sheep. Has to be one of the most unsuaual forms of food art ever seen at a festival. Fantastic. Creativity at its best!”
Andrew Lloyd Hughes
Countryside and Tourism Manager at Bridgend Council

“Gareth is an innovative marketing consultant, able to bring a unique creative edge to any project. The branding installation was visually fantastic and singled us out as an organisation. Gareth’s dedication to the job was great, he provides a first rate service”
Nicole Jones
Development Manager at Groundwork Bridgend & Neath Port Talbot

“We were really happy with the campaign which Gareth deliverd. The campaign was executed quickly and timely which resulted in increased exposure of the festival which I don’t think we could have achieved any other way. I look forward to working with Gareth on future markeing projects”
Melissa Willis
Events Marketing Manager at Cardiff Council

“Working with Gareth is a pleasure, he really values the artists creativity. He really is concerned with making a positive impact on society and the environment”
Anna Garforth – Artist

“When we first heard about the reverse graffiti advertising technique it immediately captured our imagination and we had to test it for ourselves, and we are so glad we did as the campaign really did prove to be a success! We noticed a considerable uplift in the amount of tickets sold compared to previous games”
Vici Williams
Marketing Manager at Welsh Rugby Union

“We wanted to showcase our corporate identity using sustainable branding, and what Gareth provided was a brilliant one-off piece of artwork. He submitted a range of proposals in line with our design brief, centred around a large wall space at a major exhibition in Cardiff. Gareth brought creativity into our campaign and I would highly recommend him as he has done a fantastic job for us”
Kevin Dooley
Communications & Policy Manager at Groundwork Wales

“The campaign was executed quickly, effectively and professionally. These types of campaigns help us to raise our brand awareness within harder to reach areas. We would use Gareth and Altern8media for reverse graffiti again”
Anwen Roberts
Marketing Officer at Welsh for Adults

“Gareth has grouped together an army of artists in an innovative outlet for upbeat creativity to the wider commercial market. A delight to work with”
David Goff Eveleigh – Artist